Timeless Classics

Stan G.

Cody, Wyoming

Team III Wheels

1965 West 140

San Leandro, CA 94577

October 10, 2014


Mr. Scott Russell and Ms. Jin Wang,

I've owned a set of Team III AC-III Wheels for nine years and about 29,000 miles.  The have proved to be the best looking, best performing and easiest to maintain wheels I've ever owned.

Unlike other Halibrand style bolt-on wheels, the centers of the AC-IIls have authentic, deep three dimensional spokes with a cast finish that looks like magnesium. The proper look of the centers along with the full sized and threaded knock offs and lug covers have lead many people to comment about the wheels. Trigo Wheels founder owner of 10 real 289 and 427 Shelby Cobras Lynn Park even asked me how I fitted pin drive wheels to my Mach 1! (From 25 feet away.) | love the look of the AC-IIls on my Mustang because Halibrand has a strong Ford performance connection to the Shelby 427 Cobra and because they are different from what's on 99.9% of all modified 1999+ Mustangs.

The AC-Ills require little balance weight and run true. I have had no problems with speeds to
150MPH even with both lug covers and knock offs on. Even the larger than OEM rear 9 1/2” 17” 275/40 17” wheel/tire combination weighs less than the stock 8” X 17” 245/45 Mach 1 set up.  And, that's lost on the guys who buy cheaper wheels.

More than a few “car guys” have commented that the polished aluminum rims must require a, lot of maintenance. Nothing could be further from the truth. OEM wheels are all either painted or clear coated. The cheap Chinese wheels most guys run on their Mustangs are also painted or clear coated, and based on forum posts, not as well as OEM wheels. Wheels take more abuse than any other exterior car component. When an OEM wheel gets chipped or scratched, it can only be fixed by repainting. The bare aluminum rims of the AC-IIls can be polished by hand at home to remove scratches and nicks. The same misconception applies to the painted centers.  A soft brush keeps the rough cast finish clean and if repainting is ever required a spray can replicates the factory finish easily and quickly.

My cleaning and maintenance regimen consists of washing with car wash soap and occasionally polishing the bare aluminum by hand using Mothers Billet Aluminum Polish or Meguair's Nxt Metal Polysh followed by a coat of paint sealant.

I never quite understood Mustang owners who buy the same old wheels everybody else has and buy the cheapest price without any regard for safety and durability when a few dollars more gets the best.

Thank you for a great product,


Stan G.

P.S.: You have permission to use this letter for advertising purposed.  I DO NOT grant permission for you to use my full name, address, or any contact information.  You may use, "Stan" or Stan G." and "Cody, Wyoming".



E-T Mags Testimonials

We think our wheels are great, but don’t take our word for it…

Beautiful Wheels!!

I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I am over-the-top delighted with the LT III wheels I just received. They are beautiful! Thank you for the great phone support as I was getting the right offset and size worked out. They look outstanding on the car. I will send you pictures when I get the car completely done.

Best Regards, Wayne D., Colorado

They Look Fantastic

Dear Jin,
The wheels have arrived… and they look fantastic, thank you. Please pass on my thanks to the boys who put them together (and the boss, of course!) for doing a really good job.

Cheers, David R.

Worth the Wait!

Dear Team III,
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for my wheels that finally arrived here in the U.K. the other day. Wow, was it worth the wait! They are truly works of art and of superb quality – I’m thrilled to bits!!

I’m so glad that I went with you guys rather than going the easier option of buying Torq Thrusts that I could get over here! Thanks once again – a pleasure doing business with you.

Kindest, Jeremy W., United Kingdom

Remarkable Quality

Dear Team III,
I received the last two wheels of my order Saturday along with the missing center cap for the Gasser from the 1st shipment which was sent a few weeks ago. The quality of your wheels is remarkable. I have been disappointed before after receiving products through “mail order” but this is most definitely not one of those times. Thank you for the timely delivery, great service and an outstanding product. My truck is still several months away from completion but I would like to send you a picture once it’s done. I hope you will find it suitable to place on your web site.

Sincerely, Dave S.

My 1973 AMC AMX with Your Great Looking Wheels

Thanks for such a great looking set of wheels. I have attached a picture of the finished car with LT-III wheels. Thought you might enjoy seeing the finished product!

Best, Wayne D.

Great Product with Great Styling

Team III/E-T Wheels,
We thought you might like to see a photo of our 1933 Chevrolet Master 5-window coupe that features your as-cast Fueler wheels and knock-off kit. These wheels are sized 15x6 with 205/60-15 BFG T/A Radials up front and 16x10 with 285/60-16 BFG T/A Radials out back.

We get many compliments on the wheels and agree that they certainly add a distinctive look to our coupe. We are currently building a phantom 1933 Chevrolet 2-door sedan delivery that features the exact same wheel and tire size, that's how much we like them. Team III/E-T Wheels manufactures a great product with great styling. We will continue to use your wheels on future projects.

Thanks, Michael Riley, Retro Power


The advantages of forged center caps and spinners:

  1. Great Strength

  2. Great Surface Finish

  3. Enhanced Flexibility

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